Jackson's school bus is missing... :(  It used to belong to Justin when he was little, and Jackson takes it EVERYWHERE.  Up until a few days ago, he couldn't eat without it, couldn't sleep without it, couldn't go to nursery without it...he couldn't even go from room to room without it.  In fact, whenever I take out my viola to practice, he yells "Stop, Stop" and insists that if I am playing, I am playing his favorite song: "The Wheels on the Bus."  Well, his best friend has gone missing.  Every night when he asks for his bus before going to bed, and we have to sadly say we don't know where it is, he hangs his head and says "Sowee Bus, Sowee..." {It breaks my heart.}  Wherever you are, Bus, I hope you will find your way back to us, or find someone who will love you just as much as Jackson did.