I think it was more than a year ago when my friend Song and I started dreaming up an engagement shoot based off the Pixar movie, Up.  She sadly moved away soon after and we didn't get a chance to make it happen.  I absolutely love the movie, and one day as I was watching it, I noticed that my youngest son, Josiah, looks an awful lot like Carl as a young boy.  And so the obsessiveness with finding aviator hats, making Adventure books and grape soda pins, and buying lots and lots of balloons started.  :)  I have to say it was quite the adventure even taking these photos with a baby, a toddler, and 48 balloons (most of which popped by the time we got to our location).  Last summer I enlisted the help of some family members and we took these photos to use for our Christmas card.  I am finally getting around to posting them on the blog, and I am happy for the reminder that I always need to keep a "spirit of adventure,"no matter how crazy things seem at times.
After moving, getting out of the Army, changing employment, and renovating our house, we now have an even bigger adventure ahead of us!  A new baby!