My sisters and Mom recently made a trip out from Utah to see us and help with the new baby.  I don't get to see them very often so I was ecstatic to have them here!  Before Caryn went home, we celebrated her birthday by doing something I will never forget.  She told me all she wanted for a gift was a Hunger Games-themed photo shoot.  How cool, right?!  We literally walked a few feet past our backyard to do the shoot.  I love where we live!  And as pesky as the deer are, it's pretty cool to see them walking through our yard every day.  My favorite part of the shoot was finding things around the house to make the props.  The arrows were made out of old curtain rods and feathers from an old duster.  (We have been renovating our house).  The quiver was made from a cardboard tube we had laying around.  The bow was made from a stick and twine.
Caryn and Lisa, you girls are gorgeous and I love you so much!  May the odds be ever in your favor... :)