Hey there!  I'm Jenny Lewis, a photographer currently living in the Yorktown/Hampton Roads, VA area.  I am a full-time mom and a professional musician, but I also have a great passion for photography and love exploring it as a creative outlet.

Here are a few fun facts:
- I am the proud mother of three very cute kids who definitely keep me on my toes.
- I am a professional violist, formally a member of the United States Army Strolling Strings.  That's right.  I conquered Boot Camp. :)
- I am an avid DIYer.
- I hate wearing socks.  I would either run barefoot or wear sandals all year if I could.  That being said, I am a great lover of boots!
- I love fireflies.  Love them!
- I am a wanna-be runner
- I love to create...

Please contact me at jenniferjacksonlewis@gmail.com for current availability and rates.